Four Benefits to Consider When Purchasing Land

Four Benefits to Consider When Purchasing Land

Whether you’re looking to build your dream home from the ground up, or to make an investment, there are benefits to buying land.

Just minutes from the township of Lara, Austin Lara is conveniently placed as a bustling community, giving residents easy access to both Geelong and Melbourne’s city centres. With the available options of house and land packages or just land, Austin Lara is the ideal spot to take the plunge and become the owner of your first property. But why should buyers be considering the land packages when looking to make the move out west?


1. Your New Home is Built Your Way

Designing your own home from the ground up is the dream for all those with ambitions to be homeowners. Buying a block of land is the best way to make your home completely your own. It gives you the ability to choose everything, from the orientation of the block to its location within a new community.


2. It’s Incentivised!

There are many benefits when buying land – where do these benefits lie? It can help your hip pocket! When purchasing land, only a 5% deposit is required to get started, and there are the additional savings across stamp duty. For those looking to settle in regional areas, you’ll see financial rewards, as in First Homeowners’ Grant which is doubled to $20,000. This contribution can make a huge difference in your deposit.


3. Gift of Time

When purchasing an already established home, there can be some restrictions put in place. Your settlement period can mean that you’re occupying that home 30 days from purchase.

When buying vacant land, you’re given the gift of time. Time to decide on how big the home is all the way down to the finishing’s, you’re in control for how long this takes.

Finding the perfect builder can take some time, and there’s no rush when you own the land.


4. A Worthy Investment

Smart lots are now becoming more common in residential communities – these are ones that sit under 300m2, creating a cost-effective home with potentially higher than average rental yields. Make sure that your investment goals are kept in mind when you build, you can tailor your home to suit your finances.

Have you been considering purchasing a house or land package? The time has never been better. Find out how you can be part of the up-and-coming area of Lara, turn your homeowner dreams into reality. Register for a brochure or call one of our agents.

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